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Since 2002, Celeste Chin has been showing her work during Open Studios at Hunters Point in San Francisco. She is former financial analyst who thought everyone made art on the weekends. After the start-up she worked for was sold, Celeste decided to pursue an art education. She studied painting and sculpture in schools around the bay area. Some of her teachers were Chris Brown, Diane Olivier, Rick Rodriquez and John Roloff. Celeste built a portfolio for graduate school applications and later discovered that what she wanted to learn was no longer being taught. In 2007 Celeste attended the San Francisco Studio School. It was there that she developed a visible language based on formal artistic principles. These became a foundation for her work and further inquiry about art and it's meaning and intentions.

Seven years ago she helped form an artists group. They meet  to share and encourage the development of their work. Occasionally notable artists are invited to do a critique. These have included Judith Foosaner, Terry St. John, Sandy Walker, and John Zurier.

Celeste continues to work in her studio at Hunters Point. She is developing a series of lyrically abstract paintings that embrace the glory of nature.